Robot Taxis

It’s the design of the future……or is it?

The robot taxi has no driver, instead the vehicle is operated by a computer. Robot taxis can seat two passengers with hand luggage and are ideally suited for large cities filled with congestion. If you need use them, a rider would call the operator, who would dispatch a taxi to their location. Once inside, the rider would enter their destination into the on-board computer and voila! (We hope!!)

The design team believes that the taxi could travel at speeds up to 90 km/h and run for 20 hrs using two electric motors.


  • Electric cabs are good for the environment
  • Reduces costs to the customer
  • Takes up little space.


  • Easily vandalised
  • What happens if it gets lost or crashes?
  • Puts a driver out of a job
  • Robs the customer of cabbie chat. How else are we to get the latest news and opinion?

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