Your local taxi companies in one easy app

The WINIcabs app finds you the nearest available taxi. The app gives you the details of your professional taxi driver who has been background checked, licensed by the city and is appropriately insured. Load your card into the app for a cashless transaction but you also have the option of paying cash or swiping a card in car.

Book Now or Book Later

Need a cab for 5am? No problem! Tap the app and see how many cars are nearby or, if you prefer, book hours or days in advance.

Family Accounts

Register your kids’ mobiles to use your account. You get a text with driver details, pick up and drop off notifications and journey details – every time the account is used.

In-App, Cash or Credit Card Swipe

Unlike other apps you enjoy all the benefits without having to register a credit card.

Online Accounts

Use your app login to access your personal free account to manage your taxi journeys — from here you can export, email or print.


New App Helps Taxicabs Compete With Rideshare

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Mohamed Farah says when he came to Ohio in 1996, driving a taxi was a good way to earn a living. “Before the rideshare comes in, we were living a sufficient life, we were paying our bills on time. We have to raise our family like everyone else,” said Farah, Independent Taxicab Association of Columbus…

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New ride share app brings back hope for Columbus taxi drivers

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A new rideshare app called, WINICabs just launched in Columbus. The new app puts all the city’s taxi drivers under one app. The app is now bringing back hope for many taxi drivers who have been struggling for the last couple of years because of other rideshare apps. Mateyas Amedmariam has been in the taxi service for a while…

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Transportation Roundup: Last Day Set For Downtown Shuttle

The end is near for the Smart Circuit, the driverless shuttle that has been operating in Downtown Columbus since last December. Jennifer Fening, a spokesperson for Smart Columbus, said that the contract with the shuttle’s operator – May Mobility – is nearly up and that the last day to take a ride on one of the five-passenger vehicles will be…

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Get ready!

WINIcabs has completed its beta testing in the U.S. with the local taxi and hospitality communities. Get ready for the launch in your area soon!

Looking for Dispatch Solution?

Fully automated location based taxi service. Save up to 75% of your dispatch costs.
Also save money on fuel costs as the customer gets connected to the driver nearest to them.

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