Frequently Asked Questions
What is WINIcabs?

One app. A community connected. WINIcabs combines Columbus’ taxi fleets under one, easy-to-use app, putting the city’s extensive network of licensed, background-checked drivers at your fingertips.

Before WINIcabs, getting a taxi fast meant trying to find the right phone number for one of the many taxi companies in the area. Now, WINIcabs does the work for you. Through the free app, users input their location and destination, then WINIcabs pulls data from taxi companies across the city to send you the closest professional driver in minutes. With the ability to track your rides, pay with card or cash, and book a ride for now or later, WINIcabs adapts to what you need, when you need it.

What makes WINIcabs a safer transportation option?

Unlike many rideshare services, taxi drivers are required to undergo multiple extensive background checks and fingerprinting on both a city and federal level. Because WINIcabs works with licensed taxi companies who operate under these strict regulations, we’re able to provide some of the safest transportation available.

We’ve also built additional security features into the app. Users have the ability to receive details about their driver before they arrive, track their ride during the trip, and send their route to a friend or family member.

With the WINIcabs Family Accounts, family members can also get notifications when and where a specific rider has been picked up or dropped off. Whether you’re scheduling a ride for an elderly family member or helping the kids get to practice, WINIcabs gives you a safe, trackable and reliable option.

Does WINIcabs allow me to track my ride?

Yes! WINIcabs will share info about your taxi driver in advance, allow you to track your ride during your trip, and give you the option to send your drivers details to a friend or family member.

Can I see how much my ride will cost?

Because WINIcabs houses several taxi companies under one app, we’re able to provide an estimated fare based on your route. When your taxi arrives, you can also chat with your driver to confirm pricing. And added bonus? You’ll never experience surge pricing in the WINIcab app. BULLETIN! WINIcabs CUSTOMERS WILL RECEIVE A 20% DISCOUNT ON ALL RIDES HAILED THROUGH THE APP.

Does WINIcabs use surge pricing?

No more worrying that a $15 ride to the game will mean a $100 ride home. We want your ride to be safe, easy, and convenient — and that means no surge pricing. Ever. 

Whether you’re leaving a concert or heading home after New Years Eve, WINIcabs pricing stays consistent and low.

Is WINIcabs wheelchair accessible?

Yes! Unlike many rideshare services, WINIcabs enables users to select wheelchair-accessible taxis through the app. At WINIcabs, we make accessibility a priority, and we believe safe and convenient transportation should never be exclusive.

What are WINIcabs Family Accounts?

Family accounts put parents at ease and kids on the move. WINIcabs Family Accounts allow multiple phones to be registered under one account. These registered users can hail a taxi and pay for their ride via the approved credit card on the main account. The holder of the overarching account then gets a text with driver details, pick up and drop off notifications and journey info every time the account is used.

This gives children, elderly family members and other dependents access to safe, reliable, and trackable transportation — without needing to carry cash or cards.

What is EZYHail?

EZYHail is a WINIcabs’ service specifically made for partner hotels, restaurants, and other visitor hot spots in order to make catching a ride more convenient. With EZYHail, these locations have access to a generic WINIcabs portal, allowing them to quickly summon a cab for visitors and guests with just a few taps.

Don’t have access to your own WINIcabs account? Check with your hotel or restaurant to see if they’re utilizing WINIcabs EZYHail.

Can I schedule a ride for someone else?
Yes! Friends, children, elderly family members, or anyone in between — WINIcabs empowers you to help your loved ones get where they need to be.
Can I schedule a ride in advance?
Yes! Need a cab for a 5 a.m. flight? No problem! Tap the app and see how many cars are nearby or book hours (or days) in advance.
How do I pay for a ride?
Whichever way is most convenient for you! Want the convenience of a quick ride without carrying cash or cards? Attach your credit card to your account and pay in-app. Don’t want to register a credit card to the account? You can pay with cash or swipe your card. WINIcabs adapts to what you need, when you need it.
How does WINIcabs support the community?
We know the power of shopping local — why not ride local? Local drivers build their lives and their careers through the taxi industry. By using updated technology to make taxis more convenient than ever, WINIcabs empowers users to directly support these members of the community. 

Plus, taxi companies pay city taxes and employ a diverse network of community-based drivers, helping our city thrive.

Why did WINIcabs launch in Columbus, OH?
As Columbus moves closer to being a Smart City, WINIcabs is helping local taxis keep pace with the city’s innovation.

By uniting Columbus’s taxis under one technology, providing GPS tracking, and allowing for easier payment options, WINIcabs empowers the industry to grow and adapt in a Smart City culture while embracing the same collaboration that fuels the rest of the city.


EZYHail is a WINIcabs service specifically made for hotels, restaurants, and other visitor hot spots in order to simplify the taxi calling process. 

  • WINIcabs’ EZYHail service makes providing convenience… convenient. With EZYHail, hospitality locations have access to a unique WINIcabs portal, allowing them to quickly summon a cab for visitors and guests with just a few taps.
  • Want a tablet with EZYHail installed so your concierge can request a taxi without picking up the phone? Prefer an EZYHail-enabled kiosk so visitors can call a cab on their own? Or maybe just a weblink on a computer that doesn’t take up valuable counter space? WINIcabs tailors the service to be what you need, when you need it.
  • WINIcabs provides this service for free. If you would like to offer the EZYhail service, contact WINIcabs and we will hop right over to install it.

Call us at: 1-888-390-8330 or Email: 

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