WINIcabs Guiding Principles

Customer service is paramount in today’s transportation market. The WINIcabs guiding principles are the standards by which all who are affiliated with WINIcabs must adhere to.

WINI provides

  1. State of the art app for drivers and customers
  2. An ecosystem which provides a value network in each participating city
  3. marketing, advertising and public relations support
  4. Marketing collaterals
  5. EZYhail tm to the local communities
  6. Ongoing training to maintain optimal levels of customer service and operations
  7. Electronic trips sheets with detailed records of trips and payments
  8. An optional smart dispatch to integrate with existing companies
  9. A relationship with payment provider STRIPE to process in app credit/debit card charges for fares
  10. An open forum for recommendations and suggestions from its partners in the taxi industry

WINI Expects Drivers to:

  1. Provide excellent Customer Service
  2. Have clean vehicles
  3. Practice excellent driving
  4. Create a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere
  5. NEVER cancel jobs once accepted
  6. Give the customer good value for their money
  7. Allow customers to pay by cash, card in-car or in-app
  8. Honor any agreement relating to discounts on fares

Driver Cancels job after accepting:

  • 1st time = 24 Hour suspension from app
  • 2nd time = 3 day suspension from app
  • 3rd time = 1 week suspension from app
  • 4th time = Permanent ban

If WINI receives a complaint about a driver = immediate suspension, pending investigation

Call us at: 1-888-390-8330 or Email: 

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